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Thursday, 27 October 2011

I'm back , sorry it's taken so long . 
Met Ayo on Sunday afternoon as planned .
I was 10 minutes late due to rugby over running , but I did phone and explain . 
Another great weather afternoon , bright but not to hot , not sure what will happen when weather changes !!!
Did the general chit chat , hi , how are you etc and then began!

We started with 11 short sprints 

Followed by leg lunges back to start 

15 backward lunges with a weight and twist to the side and a sprint to the end and back 6 times ( 3 x each side ) 

Sit ups with weight (forward and then up ) 15x 3 with cycle legs for 20 at the end if each set followed by holding out lower for a count of 10. 

Press up 20 x 3 sets 

Plank 10 x 3 sets 

I'm sure I've missed something , if I remember I'll blog it later.
Ayo always uses a 7.5kg weight for all weighted exercises.

Body was not to bad but did ache more by Wednesday . 

I didn't moan as much and yes I am enjoying it !!

Hotpants on!

Loving PT sessionns thank you ato @gethotpants ( follow on twitter )

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hi me again ,
I feel like I've been a bit lazy since the last post .
After my last PT session I did no form of exercise until Thursday just gone.
Just not good enough !! I just couldn't be bothered. But getting back on track now.
On Thursday I did an hour of Zumba followed by 45 mins of hula hooping in my hotpants At Seven islands leisure centre ,Rotherhite, my knee was a little sore but ok.
On Friday I agreed to meet friends for a drink after another Zumba class for an hour ,different instructor again in hotpants this time as Dulwich leisure centre.
Another good session followed by a 5*martini cocktail, diet coke, bar snacks and friends. Saturday morning. Both knees hurt, not happy as I have PT session early Sunday afternoon.

Looking forward to session aiming to do more than last time as no children in tow.

I'll post again Sunday after session and let you know how it all went .

Friday, 14 October 2011

Spent last night catching up with fellow hotpantiers at the hotpants launch party in central London .
The party was at The Mall galleries .

The venue was decorated in yellow and black , hotpants colours , very impressive .
All the hotpants team are lovely & friendly .

Hotpantiers are fantastic and friendly easy to get along with .

Made new friends and met up with ladies from the photo shoot .
We drank fruit cocktails and started with real cocktails at 8 pm
Lots of different canapé , not all to my liking but I did try most things .

It was nice to be able to put names to faces and see the fantastic results that everybody has achieved.
Projected on to the walls were all the ambassadors photos . Including mine !!
It's felt really good to be an ambassador .

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tonight I'm attending the hotpants launch party ! I'm very excited I'll let you know how it goes in the morning !

I'll be meeting my fellow hotpantiers again.

Hopefully with pictures

Sunday, 9 October 2011

2nd session

Hi I haven't written for a while .

I was meant to train last week but because I was taking part in the London shine event at the O2 last weekend I moved the training session to today (9/10/11)
The shine event was like a training session as I walked a half marathon at night with my friend and my mum. It took us 4 hours and 13 minutes to walk 14 miles! I think we did well:0)

Today I meet my trainer Ayo in the park again but this time I had two children in tow ;0( due to the fact that my husband has had to travel abroad to bury his mother who recently passed away .

With the children in tow I don't think my session was as intense as before but still a good work out

3 jogs up and down a set path
3x15 Squats with weight 7kg and a jump up at the end of each squat
Forward lunges with weight on alternate sides along the same path as the warm up jog with a jog back to the start.
3x15 downward lunges with weight in one arm moving up and down on each side
3x15 lunges on each side holding on 15th lunge for a count of 10
3x20 sit ups with a cycle legs at the end of each set for a count of 20
3x20 waist twist using weights whilst sitting on the floor.
3x20 box press ups ( can't do full press up yet !! :0) )
3x20 planks with alternate legs out and back

Legs were like jelly when I finished but not as bad as last time !

Good thing is the weather held out for me , no rain during session .

Note to self do not take children with me unless I really have to !!
Spent time talking to children , trying to get them to listen ,go and ride bikes etc instead my 5 year old decided to help with the counting and try and use the mat I was using whilst doing the plank !!
My 10 year old decided to join in at the side which was not to bad

I'm looking forward to my next session which will be in 2 weeks

Yes I did wear my hotpants , without the hotpants on it feels like I have an incomplete fitness kit .

I love my hotpants !