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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Another great session !

It's that time of the week that I look forward to ! What am I going to do when my prize money from zaggora runs out ?  I best start saving from now as I love my sessions with Ayo . They are so  rewarding .  Thank you zaggora ! For my comp win and my hotpants and flares !  Love you !  My session begins in the park in the sun in the cold!!  I forgot the mat that Ayo gave me last time so no floor work this time . 12 Lunge  twist x3 Lunge walk x6 (distance of my normal sprints )  Side step walk x6 (as above )  Run squat jump twist run whilst holding ALEX ( distance as above) x10 12 lunge dips x 3 12 triceps  lifts squat position x3 12 Kettle bell lifts x3 None of these are in order , I have written them as I remember them .  Weather was the usual cold but dry .  Hot pant flares on this time much warmer as they cover the whole leg ... Great for out door training .  This was a 30 min session  I then walked home ,picked up my other trainers got in the car and drove to Canada water . Arrived at Canada water library just in time for my DanSE16 class !  Which was a class involving the use of Asian music  Great class  Calories Burnt ... Pt session. 371 cal in 30 mins  DanSE16.  273 cal in 1 hr not as high impact . 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

poorly long weekend...

Just thought I'd write and tell you how fed up I am !!
I have been actually, really ill since Thursday  its now Sunday!
Runny nose ,cough ,achy joints ,high temperature and headaches.
I have never slept so much !
OK only good thing that I managed to loose 5 lb in weight in 1 day but in return that has left me weak and tired , the longest I've been out of bed is about 4 hours in a day .
When i do eat I've had to eat smaller potions than normal and then I feel sick afterwards.
So I've not been to zumba , hula hoop, bollywood dance or done any form of exercise.
I've not even had a chance to wear my new hotpant flares!
Hopefully sometime next week I can get back to do some exercise, I am really missing it !
Hubby and family have been great and super supportive.

Friday, 20 January 2012

I have had over 1000 views of my blog pages !! Yippee

My end of year photos in Hotpants 2011 !

Here are some of the pictures of events that I have shared with my Hotpants in 2011.

I am know the happy owner of 4 pairs of Hotpants!

1 medium which were my first pair and are now my back up emergency pair
2 small Hotpants love them
1 pair of Hotpants flares!!!! (still yet to be worn)


Myself and Sonia after the first Hotpants outdoor training session in London
Nov 2011
left to right
my daughter, my mum, ME , Joyce and Lucy
all at the Hotpants launch party .

Hotpants goodie bag !!

Finding myself at Hotpants launch party
Oct 2011
My mum and I in our HOTPANTS (thanks @zaggora)
getting ready for the Shine event 

My t shirt before i cut the sleeves off
Me and mum before the night walk
The route I powerwalked at night for charity
we started at the O2 walked to city hall and back again!!
Oct 2011
Hotpants on underneath patterned tights, frilly knickers and rain!!
whilst hula hooping in the London  Thames parade
I  don't actually go on the laptop much, usually blog from my phone, so this is why you are getting all my pics now , but I think its more exciting in batches .

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Just thought I'd try something new !
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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Recieved my hotpants flares yesterday !
Looked at them and thought wow ... Are they actually going to fit ?
I tried them on and they felt marvellous :0)
But I only like wearing my hotpants to classes and my class this Thursday has been cancelled so I will have to wait to Saturday morning to start my new 2 week challenge !
I'll measure on Saturday and post the start results and let you know the final results in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 16 January 2012

10 run sprints
Kettle side step squats with weight swing . 10 one way and 10 back x 3
Kettel twist jump ( forward swing lift jump left swing back to middle then to right !) 12x3.
Stationary Lunges x15 with 15 twist x3.on each leg 
Triceps 12 x 3 .whilst standing in a squat position . 
Press ups  20x 3
Sitting Side twist 20 x3
Cycle legs 20 x3
6 runs x3 
 Weather cold , hotpants on !sun still shining !!! 
Calories burnt 301 
Time 24.38 minutes
Average Hr 161
Max hr 181 

Thanks Ayo I always feel good after a session but normally in a bit of pain the following days ! But as they say no pain no gain :0) 

Thanks zaggora for my personal trainer !

Ayo is currently in training for the Helsinki marathon in the summer 

All exercise done using ALEX ! 
( see previous posts to find out about ALEX) 

All work outs are done in the local park with buses passing by , joggers and local football teams playing etc 

Friday, 6 January 2012

I got a new watch for Xmas and it monitors my heart rate and can then tell me how many calories I have burnt .
For my Thursday 5/1/12 Zumba(1hr)and hula hoop (45)classes I had an average heart rate of 132 and a maximum heart rate of 169 I also burnt 837 calories!
I think I did a good job ! :0)

On 2/1/12 during pt session I worked for 27 mins and burnt 281 calories average heart rate 148 maximum heart rate 183!

Hotpants on for every session that I do !
Thanks zaggora for my personal trainer :0)

Monday, 2 January 2012

Hotpants on !
Warm clothing on!
Off I go to meet Ayo in the park !
Yes it's cold but at least it's sunny .
This will be a good start to the new year 2012!

10 sprints longer distance than normal 

20 kettle bell(Alex) swings using alternate hands  x3
15 waist twist using weight(Alex) x3
15 rear leg lunges each side whilst using opposite arm to lift Alex from floor waist level. X3

8 sprints with a squat jump at the end of each length .

20 press ups (still doing box press ups, not ready for half press ups yet ) x3
15 rear raises using Alex behind my head ( sitting position arm above/behind my head ) x3
15 double crunches holding Alex bringing the weight in as I crunch . X3  

5 sprints at the end !!

Alex is my mate the 7kg weight 
Sprints were done over double the distance that we normally use , still not extremely long but long enough for me as I don't normally jog/sprint

Ayo said my rear raises we're my worst exercise ! I totally agreed and said they hurt my arms to much and that I have weaker upper body strength . 

Although we didn't train on the 1/1/12 I was still Ayo's first client of the year ;0) 2/1/12 

Back to work tomorrow ,gym open tomorrow as its a normal working day . Probably not going but at least I have the option .